The goal of this site is to be a place where friends who live in geographically distant areas are able to play tabletop style RPG games using a web forum

Once logged in, you will (eventually) have the abily to either create a game as a GM that friends or strangers (new friends) to join, or join a game that has been created and published.

WebRPG is not locked to any particular gaming system. We are working on a character sheet creation tool that allows for flexible creation of characters to fit theoretically any system.


DECEMBER 5, 2020: Added date and time stamps to chat.
The project is on hold - working on a method to generalize character sheets / enable custom field generation.

OCTOBER 16, 2019: chat works over https :)

OCTOBER 15, 2019: Chat was works in http but not https ... working on it ... stay tuned...

OCTOBER 1, 2019: How did you find your way here? This site is very clearly under construction and is not yet functional. Please be patient.

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